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Taxi Service Norwalk

California Express Yellow Cab is the premier taxi service here in Los Angeles — when you need to get somewhere fast, no matter what time day or night, you can count on us to get you there safely and efficiently. We serve customers from Carson to Buena Park, and as far north as South Gate. Utilize one of our trusted drivers to get you to the airport on time, or skip the steep parking costs and take a trip to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland!



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$2.85 flag drop (first 1/9th mile)

30¢ for each additional 1/9th mile ($2.70 per mile)

30¢ for each 37 seconds of delay

Multiple Ways To Travel / Varias Maneras de Viajar

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24 Hour GPS Tracking

All of our drivers undergo extensive training and vetting, including street navigation instruction, background checks, and drug and alcohol checks. Our vehicles also undergo inspection, including safety and meter inspections to ensure all are operating at optimum levels. The taxis we drive are all insured, and if you happen to lose anything during your trip, our 24-hour lost and found service is available for you to use. Speaking of not losing things, all of our cabs are equipped with 24-hour GPS tracking, so we always know where our drivers are.

no need to panic! we're keeping all lost & found items in our storage. just follow these 3 easy steps:

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